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Who am I?

This morning my husband said to me, "I've been thinking about how we define ourselves. Today, I'm going to think about how I identify myself and let my thoughts about myself be new."

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“Remove the mask”- Lessons from Scooby-Doo

During my morning study I came across this quote from Mary Baker Eddy, "Expose and denounce the claims of evil and disease in all their forms, but realize no reality in them."

Eddy goes on, "To put down the claim of sin, you must detect it, remove the mask, point out the illusion, and thus get the victory over sin and so prove its unreality." Science and Health 447:20

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Can Hoarding Be Healed?

Time for some spring cleaning? Here are a few ideas that I recently published in the Christian Science Sentinel on the topic of hoarding.

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I was looking out the window the other morning at the cars parked across the street. Some cars were small economy cars, some were SUV's, and some were work trucks. I got to thinking about what they have in common. I thought, "Regardless of the kind of car, every car has wheels. Without wheels a car can't go anywhere!"

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