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“What’s your name?”

Dear friends,

This article was originally printed in the Christian Science Monitor. The anecdote came out of a recent Sunday School class. I appreciated the student's fresh outlook on how we identify ourselves and others.


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Prayer for Purpose

Purpose is something we might work a lifetime to define and yet it’s so much a part of who we are it's easy to overlook. Purpose is one of those things that no one can give to you, but that you have to recognize within- by listening to your heart- to God.

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Loved and Preserved

I can think of a lot of contexts in which I've come to understand this word, "preserve," two come from personal experience. The first is from my dad who works with the historical preservation of buildings. The second way is from my hobby of canning or preserving food.

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“A prayer lesson from knitting”

I took some knitting classes this winter. With a great teacher and patient classmates, I'd say it was a lovely re-introduction and a peaceful time for reflection.

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