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Be true- not polite!

The most healing thing we can do is to break with conventional or fear filled thoughts- to think for ourselves. Let go of criticism. Think in spiritual and unlimited terms about yourself and others.

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” ‘Hid with Christ’ not judged”

Have you ever felt judged?  Embarrassed that something in your life is unhealed?  Here is an article from the April 22, 2013 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel about a time when I felt that way and how I prayed about it to overcome internal and external criticism.



“What’s your name?”

Dear friends,

This article was originally printed in the Christian Science Monitor. The anecdote came out of a recent Sunday School class. I appreciated the student's fresh outlook on how we identify ourselves and others.


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Loved and Preserved

I can think of a lot of contexts in which I've come to understand this word, "preserve," two come from personal experience. The first is from my dad who works with the historical preservation of buildings. The second way is from my hobby of canning or preserving food.

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