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Posts from the ‘Purpose’ Category

Recent Blog- Going it alone?

I’ve been single for longer than I expected. But this relationship status hasn’t kept me from having rich life experiences and a lot of fun. On a recent trip to Mongolia I learned so much about the family of man & my place in it, and how none of us actually is going it alone.

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Who gets the credit?

My buddy Bill shared this quotation with me recently: “There is no end to what you can accomplish if (or when) you don’t care who gets the credit.” These are the words of Florence Luscomb, an American architect, women’s suffrage activist, and one of the first female graduates of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Ms. Luscomb’s words prompt me to act with greater unselfishness to accomplish more as part of a collective whole.

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Another wedding weekend

“I survived another wedding weekend,” I thought as I waited at the airport for my ride. Many of my friends have been getting married recently and I’ve attended lots of weddings. It’s fun and exciting to see my friends moving on with their lives, but I haven’t always felt this way. In fact, there were some aspects of these celebration weekends that used to make me a little uneasy.

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