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Posts from the ‘Letting Our Light Shine’ Category

God’s rainbow of promise: rebuilding after loss

The mythological phoenix offers timeless lessons of rebirth and renewal. At the end of its life, the colorful bird is said to build a nest and set itself on fire, only to be born anew from the ashes.

To some extent, disaster zones can also be places of renewal that rise from the ashes. One example of such renewal in the United States is the rebuilding of parts of New Orleans after hurricane Katrina.

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Another wedding weekend

“I survived another wedding weekend,” I thought as I waited at the airport for my ride. Many of my friends have been getting married recently and I’ve attended lots of weddings. It’s fun and exciting to see my friends moving on with their lives, but I haven’t always felt this way. In fact, there were some aspects of these celebration weekends that used to make me a little uneasy.

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