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Posts from the ‘Letting Our Light Shine’ Category

Playing for Brazil

Here at camp we had World Cup Soccer Day. I played for Brazil. On our team we had a super-star counselor who was proficient at soccer, but the rest of our team was average.

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A fresh start out of college

Graduating from college, and facing the very real questions about work and making financial ends meet, can be daunting. A recent National Public Radio report I heard paints a sobering picture of meeting postcollege expenses.

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Who gets the credit?

My buddy Bill shared this quotation with me recently: “There is no end to what you can accomplish if (or when) you don’t care who gets the credit.” These are the words of Florence Luscomb, an American architect, women’s suffrage activist, and one of the first female graduates of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Ms. Luscomb’s words prompt me to act with greater unselfishness to accomplish more as part of a collective whole.

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More than a tourist

This fall I traveled through various countries in Asia, including Mongolia, China, Vietnam, and Laos, on a journey I’ll never forget. Arriving in China at the Beijing airport, I stood in line at the customs counter and felt overwhelmed. “What will this experience be like?” I wondered. “Will I be safe? Able to communicate? Able to acclimate?” I wanted this adventure to have a spiritual focus. I wanted to look beyond cultural stereotypes. I was eager to see places like the Great Wall and the Forbidden City and to experience new cultures. But I didn’t want to be only a tourist.

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