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Posts from the ‘Inner Peace’ Category

Prayer for Purpose

Purpose is something we might work a lifetime to define and yet it’s so much a part of who we are it's easy to overlook. Purpose is one of those things that no one can give to you, but that you have to recognize within- by listening to your heart- to God.

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Can Hoarding Be Healed?

Time for some spring cleaning? Here are a few ideas that I recently published in the Christian Science Sentinel on the topic of hoarding.

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I was looking out the window the other morning at the cars parked across the street. Some cars were small economy cars, some were SUV's, and some were work trucks. I got to thinking about what they have in common. I thought, "Regardless of the kind of car, every car has wheels. Without wheels a car can't go anywhere!"

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“Love not an abstraction”- Prayer for Brazil

I was sad to hear about the recent loss in the Brazilian nightclub. It's never easy to lose someone and yet I found this message from Monday's Daily Lift to be comforting, especially this part, "Love isn't an abstraction."

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