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Posts from the ‘Humility’ Category

Palestine and Israel- “Middle of Love”

I've been thinking about what fuels our prayers? Is it selfish desire? Is it genuine love for God, for another, and humility? Does prayer bring us to our knees and a place of newness? Or do we come out the same way we went in- with a hard heart?

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I was looking out the window the other morning at the cars parked across the street. Some cars were small economy cars, some were SUV's, and some were work trucks. I got to thinking about what they have in common. I thought, "Regardless of the kind of car, every car has wheels. Without wheels a car can't go anywhere!"

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“Begin Rightly”

Last week, I enjoyed contemplating this simple phrase from Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy: "To begin rightly is to end rightly." Science and Health 262:28

What a succinct and poignant truth this is- much like a bumper sticker!

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Charles de Gaulle- √Čtoile

Bonjour! It was wonderful to be back in France this spring where I was assisting with a study abroad program and re-engaging with all things French!

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