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Posts from the ‘Gratitude’ Category

Names For God

Having many names to talk about the one God- helps me understand God in fresh ways. If we are reflections or expressions of God then we must be as diverse and rich as God.

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“Conscious Consumption”

I like to catch a bit of the news in the morning so that I know what’s going on with the world. This clip from an interview with Clay Johnson, “Is It Time For You To Go On An ‘Information Diet’?” made me think.

On many levels it feels like we mindlessly consume and regurgitate information, other people’s ideas, and trends without properly digesting or questioning them.

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Cinderella Pumpkin

It was fall and I was driving home from a friend’s cross-country meet. It was one of those gorgeous days that you just want to enjoy each vista and falling leaf. A sign for a prairie preserve called to me as I drove down the highway.

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Ten fingers

I am currently visiting my family in Maine. We had a family wedding over the 4th of July and there was much work to do. Sometimes, when so many people get together it's easy to feel a clash of personalities. It's been a great occasion to check in with God night and day.

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