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Posts from the ‘Direction’ Category

A fresh start out of college

Graduating from college, and facing the very real questions about work and making financial ends meet, can be daunting. A recent National Public Radio report I heard paints a sobering picture of meeting postcollege expenses.

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“Drafting” and my career path

It was an especially hot and overcast summer day for a 25-mile bike ride. During a water break, a more experienced cycling friend asked me, “Have you ever heard of drafting?” I replied that I’d heard of it in connection with drawing up architectural plans, but never in relation to cycling. So he explained to me that drafting is a technique where cyclists will tuck in behind the back wheel of the rider ahead of them. He went on to say that drafting enables a pack of riders to travel for longer distances at faster speeds because they face less wind resistance.

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‘Dwell in possibility’

"Dwell in possibility" was the central message of a middle-school graduation speech I heard. These timeless words of Emily Dickinson invite us to leave behind the mundane, calculated, and limited ways of living, and consider the idea that what we hope for is possible. Not only is good possible, but good is the motif and common denominator of our lives.

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Circumstances beyond your control?

It's commonly accepted that happiness and well-being are subject to circumstances. Sometimes life seems to hinge on lucky coincidences – a chance meeting with an old friend, an upbringing in a privileged family, a collision avoided. But what about situations where circumstances aren't so rosy, such as being in the wrong place at the wrong time, having an accident, experiencing destructive weather, or losing your job? Can we get beyond the thought that things can be thrown off course by jealous colleagues or events beyond our control? Can we prove God's presence and care are unchanging and true for everyone?

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