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Posts from the ‘Direction’ Category

New Year’s Resolution- “Cleaning the Lint Trap”

What a good time to consider what it means to be new- to think new thoughts and to let go of the old.

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“Begin Rightly”

Last week, I enjoyed contemplating this simple phrase from Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy: "To begin rightly is to end rightly." Science and Health 262:28

What a succinct and poignant truth this is- much like a bumper sticker!

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Charles de Gaulle- Étoile

Bonjour! It was wonderful to be back in France this spring where I was assisting with a study abroad program and re-engaging with all things French!

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“Conscious Consumption”

I like to catch a bit of the news in the morning so that I know what’s going on with the world. This clip from an interview with Clay Johnson, “Is It Time For You To Go On An ‘Information Diet’?” made me think.

On many levels it feels like we mindlessly consume and regurgitate information, other people’s ideas, and trends without properly digesting or questioning them.

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