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Ginger Mack

I work as a Christian Science Practitioner and am listed in The Christian Science Journal. I study primarily the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures as my main texts. I’ve been published in The Christian Science Monitor, Christian Science Sentinel, and

In 2003 I completed Christian Science Instruction, a two week intensive pre-requisite course to become a Christian Science Practitioner, from an authorized teacher of Christian Science.  In addition, I’ve worked as a camp counselor, teacher, and advisor to college students for a non-profit organization.

I have traveled to many countries some of which include France, Switzerland, South Korea, China, Mongolia, Laos, and Vietnam. I speak French and welcome communications in French or English.


“Working with Ginger as a practitioner has been an uplifting and healing experience for me.  Ginger’s warmth and love is so present that any fear I may have coming into our work together is released.  Her spiritual mindedness comes across clearly and she presents healing truths that are practical and have great impact.  Through our work together I have been able elevate my thinking and experience healing.  I use many of the ideas Ginger has shared with me on a regular basis to receive blessings of all kinds.” — LS

“Working with Ginger was inspiring! Every time that I finished working with her I felt noticeably better. I could trust Ginger with any problem. Ginger was open minded, receptive to any idea, and always available. Ginger never judged me, she had my best interest in mind. Every time I got closer to God, and I deepened my understanding of Christian Science.” — ET

Statement of Purpose

From one who loves to travel, to explore the world, and the role of spirituality and God in daily life, I welcome you. In a way, we’re all on a bit of an adventure of some form or other. Maybe yours is a personal quest, a holy pilgrimage, or a new direction in life. I’ve been learning that regardless of where I am or what I am doing- God is present.  The purpose of this site and my healing work is to honor people’s innate spiritual being- to know God who is a “…present help in trouble.” Psalms 46:1

The theme of this website is, “Love’s Divine Adventure.” This theme comes from a quote by Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of Christian Science.  “We live in an age of Love’s divine adventure to be All-in-all.” (First Church of Christ, Scientist and Miscellany, p. 158.)

Through my study of Christian Science, I’ve come to recognize that my life is a divine adventure. The words “All-in-all” speak to God as the source of all goodness and wholeness. With God as our guide, it’s hard to think small or live in fear.  And what a difference it is to be fearless!

People often ask me what is meant by the name “Christian Science.”  Christian Science is a spiritual study for anyone who wants to understand healing and God better.  Christian Science is “Christian” in that there is a strong emphasis on the Bible and a particular focus on the the teachings and healing work of Jesus. As a faith, Christian Science is “Scientific” in that anyone can study the text Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures and apply the ideas systematically to their lives.  

What do I like about my work as a Christian Science Practitioner?

Working as a Christian Science Practitioner is one big adventure!  It’s never dull and always an occasion to explore new ideas- to grow spiritually.  What could be better?

I’ve been a lifelong student of Christian Science and can vouch for the healing efficacy of Christian Science Practitioners.  Serving others is how I can pay it forward. “Freely ye have received, freely give.” Matthew 10:8

This healing work is more than a professional commitment or merely fixing people’s problems through spiritual counsel. To me this healing practice is about helping people know God better and finding permanent peace.  Spiritual understanding is not only health giving, it is the foundation for all of life.

Everyone has the ability to know God- maybe we call “God” something different, but peace that comes from God is undeniable and good.

Truth is universal and accessible to us all.

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  1. Congrats on a beautiful site, Ginger! This looks great!

  2. Yay, Ginger! Looking forward to watching this grow in Love. A beautiful beginning, to be sure.

  3. Suzette Perkins #


    So ooo easy to move around and filled with inspiration!!!
    XXOOO Go get em!!!

    • Ginger #

      Thanks Suzette! So great to know you- oh vibrant one.

  4. Ginger #

    Thanks Cam! Ahh to venture into realm of the internet- thanks for paving the way, brother.

  5. You have been working and it shows. Thank you for giving the world another access to the Truth! This is my latest bookmark. Hope to see you soon.

    • Ginger #

      Art- great to hear from you! Glad you found the site and indeed it’s all about Truth. Adios

  6. Susan Mack #

    Way to go Ginger–you are leading the way for me! Your website is a great resource.

    • Ginger #

      Thanks, Ma! Carol was so helpful- professional and intuitive about the vision. Glad you’re back in the states.

      Ciao bella.

  7. lovely site Ginger…it was so good to have you and Matt in town recently…

    so grateful to have you as a colleague…you go girl…much love, kate

    • Ginger #

      Kate- thanks so much. We had a great visit to the Society- thanks for the warm welcome and dearly looking forward to our return. Thanks for being a pioneer with blogging. Right on colleague and dear dear friend!


  8. Sharon Jackson #

    Ginger – I LOVE your new site – it is beautiful – inspiring – clear – fresh and filled with blessings! I am so grateful to know about it!!
    sending much love!!!

    • Ginger #

      Thanks Sharon! Really good to be working alongside you.

  9. Holly #

    Always have and always will…just love everything about you, Ginger! Big hugs!!!

  10. Bonnie #

    Hi Ging,
    Love your site! Your Mom is here and I am looking at sites. Yours is terrific!! Lots of love

    • Thanks Bon! I think websites can be helpful.


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