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100-Names for God

Bless this warm day and my kind neighbor who has the baby for the afternoon! These thoughts come from an email that I shared with someone earlier this year.  Enjoy!


I had such a fun time last week thinking about names for God- getting to know God in fresh ways.  It’s so easy for me to say, “Yeah, yeah, I know God!”  But in my heart do I consider the ways in which God is present right now?

In the faith tradition of Islam, there are 100 names for God.  I encourage you to make a chart of 100 names for God.  I found that when we turn to God- the hub of all thinking, living, being, and activity we find peace- we find true power and we find others who love to worship God.
Below you can find my list of 100 names for God and two short stories about how this deeper awareness of God brought spiritual solutions for me last week.

First- It’s been freezing in Wisconsin!  Getting out of the house with our infant daughter Lily is quite a process.  I had been working on a writing project and needed to scan/send a document back to the editor.  I was bummed when my scanner didn’t work.  My IT skills are minimal.

The thought of hauling our daughter out to a neighbor’s house or to the library seemed daunting.  Instead of starting my day with this mayhem I went back and took time to pray.  The concept of power came up as I prayed.  I knew that power wasn’t in human events, deadlines, a brain, and machines not working. Power is finding that “central stillness” (Science and Health with key to the Scriptures pg. 121:24) with God.  God is the hub and we are the spokes of the wheel.  If the spokes try to manage, connect, and advise on the outer part of the wheel- the wheel loses its TRUE-NESS and integrity.  We connect at this point of divine common ground, one God, and central stillness.
It wasn’t a big surprise when later that day I returned to my computer and printer to find that the scanner worked. I was able to scan/send the document without any hassle.  I understood that God really was the only power. I sure didn’t have the power!
Second- when we pray it’s helped me to see that I am not praying just for myself.  I am not doing some spiritual thing  separate from the world to make my life better.  There really is a community/world-wide impact that comes from prayer and understanding God.  I was thinking about this when our family of three went for a run on Saturday afternoon.  I was praying, “How does this activity of running and joy bless my community?”  I felt myself saying, “I’m not sure how- but I know it does.”

It wasn’t long before I saw one way in which this fitness and readiness to help/serve others proved to be a blessing. Our family was at Target the next day.  As we entered the store, a woman in the parking area was hobbling after her toddler- yelling in distress for her little one to come back to her.  Giggling and running on the child was headed toward a busy road.  I realized that this mother needed some help!

I quickly ran up to the child- grabbed her hand and guided her back to her mom.  In tears the mother said, “It’s just that I can’t run.”  I hugged her and said, “It’s okay.”  I told her that I was a mom too and reassured her that she was in good company- maybe even God’s company?  I reminded the little girl of the importance to listen to her mama.  As I walked away, tears flooded my eyes and I had an even clearer glimpse that yes God is Parent.
“Man is never God, but spiritual man, made in God’s likeness, reflects God.” SH 70:7-8


Take stock- account for the hundreds of ways God is present today- now.  If you’d like to share any of your names for God please feel free to in the comment section below.

Abundantly yours,


100 Names for God


1. Forgiver 41. Builder 81. Cause
2. Friend 42. Still-small voice 82. Law
3. Parent 43. Spirit 83. Substance
4. Guide 44. Maker of Room 84. Detective for Good
5. Guardian 45. Home 85. Partner
6. Employer 46. Center 86. Abundance
7. Counselor 47. Boundless 87. Soul
8. Ever-Presence 48. Teacher 88. Composer
9. Source 49. Adviser  89. Nourisher
10. All 50. Committee of One 90. Defender
11. Patient-One 51. Bold Love 91. Health Care Provider
12. Good 52. Holy One 92. Stillness
13. Divine Architect 53. Dynamic Life 93. Initiative
14. Designer 54. Scooper upper of those in need 94. Family
15. Giver 55. Maintainer of Peace 95. Universal Solvent/Solver
16. All-mighty 56. Principle 96. Thinker- I
17. Creator 57. Truth 97. I am
18. Includer 58. Order 98. Eternal
19. Knower of Good 59. New Life 99. Abba/Papa
20. Doer 60. Ageless Being 100. Divine Energy (Science and Health w/key to the Scriptures pg. 249:6)
21. Done 61. Wholeness    
22. Outcome/Income 62. Divine Orator    
23. One True Power 63. Energizing Rhythm    
24. Love 64. Governor    
25. Intelligence 65. Alpha-Omega    
26. Harmonizer 66. Great    
27. First-Responder 67. Alive- one    
28. Humorist 68. Lord    
29. Equalizer 69. Father    
30. Stabilizer 70. Mother    
31. Balancer 71. Redeemer    
32. Voice of Reason 72. Seer    
33. Calm 73. Spirit    
34. Peace 74. Purifier    
35. Compassion 75. Cleanser    
36. Non-judgment 76. Donor    
37. Strength 77. Developer    
38. Protector 78. Authority    
39. Advocate 79. Owner    
40. Judge 80. Engineer    


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