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I was looking out the window the other morning at the cars parked across the street.  Some cars were small economy cars, some were SUV’s, and some were work trucks.  I got to thinking about what they have in common.  I thought, “Regardless of the kind of car, every car has wheels.  Without wheels a car can’t go!”

Paris, France

Paris, France

Someone might have a flashy car or a car with great mechanics. Someone might have a truck with a lot of horse power but without wheels a car is useless a sitting duck.

I think there’s spiritual truth to this idea about “having wheels.”  If we are like cars and wheels are a symbol for our relationship to God then we need to know God to make forward progress in life.  We might have loads of money, brilliant ideas, or great physical strength but all of these are useless unless we have a sense of something bigger than ourselves that grounds us.

Blois, France

Blois, France

Recently, I was on a conference call regarding planning for an up-coming event.  I had done some legwork to visit different venues for the event.  On the call that night, we were taking a vote about where we should hold the event.  I felt strongly about which venues we should and shouldn’t choose. There wasn’t a consensus among the team.  After some discussion and when they called the vote I finally got still and listened to God.  I put aside all of the planning and my theories.  In prayer I heard this idea, “It is most important to follow God’s direction.”

Washington, Vermont

Washington, Vermont

I could see that life either becomes a constant battle of wills and defense of our opinions or it is about listening to God and moving forward.  Being headstrong or uncivil, doesn’t promote a spirit of openness and collaboration needed for any project.  In the end, I voted for a venue that seemed most practical.  The vote was unanimous and we were able to move forward with other aspects of the planning.

Mongolian Countryside

Mongolian Countryside

Even though the event hasn’t happened, I can see that these ingredients of self- surrender and trust in God are more important to planning an event than trying to convince others with an approach of, “My way or the highway!”

As a a student of Christian Science I often reflect on this idea from the writings of Mary Baker Eddy,

Madison, Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin

“The heart that beats mostly for self is seldom alight with love.  To live so as to keep human consciousness in constant relation with the divine, the spiritual, and the eternal, is to individualize infinite power; and this is Christian Science.” Miscellany pg. 159:4

Have a great day finding your wheels!

Jinan, China

Jinan, China

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  1. Bill Kilgour #

    Hey, Hot Wheels, We could do ”Wheeelies” w/ these idealies.

    Nice analogy, nice application/demonstration. Thank you. billllll ( <-; )

  2. Mathew #

    Very timely as I navigate working with a committee on some projects we have in front of us. Thanks for your inspiring words Ginger


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