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“Love not an abstraction”- Prayer for Brazil

I was sad to hear about the recent loss in the Brazilian nightclub.   It’s never easy to lose someone and yet I found this message from Monday’s Daily Lift to be comforting, especially this part, “Love cannot be a mere abstraction, or goodness without activity and power.” (Mary Baker Eddy- Miscellaneous Writings 250)  That means Love isn’t vague. Love isn’t just words. Love can’t be ended!

When my cousin passed away, I remember feeling the weight of that loss.  One day when I was out for a bicycle ride  (I know he loved to ride) I was thinking about him.  I thought, “This cousin was a real adventurer.  Why would my concept of him stop or be restricted to a deathbed?  As an idea, not limited to a material form, I’m sure he’s going on to the next adventure and so I must let him continue- not end.”030

My deepest affections for each student, party-goer, family member, and beyond as we all see Life’s bigger context.

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